The intranet on this Quaker Meetings Network site provides a separate space from the public website where we can provide information for members and attenders; a space where our community can gather online, so that the public website can stay focussed on its main purpose.

Notice Board
The notice board is the homepage of our private intranet and ensures that intranet users see critical information.
Discussion Forum
A place for groups to hold discussions organised by topic. Subscribe to forums and topics to get email notifications when discussions happen.
Document Storage
This offers a dedicated space for Area Meeting to share important documents. The network shouldn't be our primary document archive, but it is a place to share information. There is also a link to the dropbox archive.
Create sub-groups within the intranet for committees and closed interest groups with their own managed membership management and private forums/storage.
Tailored Access
Intranet administrators control which areas of the intranet each user can access to make sure that users can only access the parts that they need to.
Community Management
The only way to join our intranet is using a special invitation link. 

This link will be emailed to all members and attenders on our records.

If you haven't received this by email, please contact David at