Development Worker - Hugh Douglas

I joined Britain Yearly Meeting in December 2022 as Local Development Worker for Hampshire and Islands, Bournemouth Coastal, and Dorset and South Wiltshire Area Meetings. I would like for you to feel that you can involve me as much or as little as you like in what you are doing individually, as special interest groups, as local meetings or as an area. Let me know what you are doing and how I might be able to support you.
Previously I have worked in support roles with people suffering poor mental health or who are socially excluded. I am currently a trustee of the Poverty Truth Network which works to include the voices of those who have experienced poverty in decision making. I have also worked on projects with Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Carnegie UK which aimed to shape policy and practice through deep engagement with experts from very different backgrounds.

I am particularly interested in participatory democracy and the ways in which these processes can be shaped to allow different kinds of wisdom to be shared. I have Quakers on both sides of my family, my great grandfather Hubert Peet editing the Friend after being imprisoned as a conscientious objector during the First World War. My values and world view are in many ways informed by my family and therefore by Quakerism. I am currently involved in a couple of bits of works across the ‘patch’ and have convened a small group of two representatives from each AM to guide my work and help me to feel more connected to the three Area Meetings and the meetings to each other.

If we've not yet met in person or virtually, I look forward to doing so soon!


What is Local Development Work?

Local Development Work builds on the success of the Vibrancy in Meetings pilot which explored
whether having locally-based staff would support Quakers to build thriving, inclusive and all age
communities. You can find out more about the pilot and watch Friends speak about the difference
the support made here.
Britain Yearly Meeting and Woodbrook recognise that Quaker communities are best placed to know
what support they need to build the word described in the six themes of in "Our Faith in the Future".
Local Development Work can be anything that falls within these themes spanning the spiritual,
pastoral and practical (including property and finance). These roles are based within the Quaker Life
team at Britain Yearly Meeting but are dispersed across Britain working with Friends across their

How I can work:

  • Accompaniment
  • Signposting to other BYM and Woodbrooke resources
  • Facilitating workshops and events on a variety of themes
  • Listening, encouraging and enabling
  • Connecting Friends with people and resources
  • Assisting with major projects
  • Reviewing existing activities or processes

Whether you are excited, curious or unsure about whether I can support you it'd be great to hear
from you.
Its probably best to contact me via Email: or via the 'Contact Us' page
I work 3.5 days usually Monday – Thursday. However, this does shift on a weekly basis as I also
support Friends on evenings and weekends.
I live in Bristol but am very happy to travel to join meetings when I can.