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Videos about Quakers and about peace

plus a special video for Quakers who are young or young-at-heart (scroll down)

Quakers and peace

Five videos about British and international aspects of Quakers and peace, one made in Southampton (all are together on another page)
Peace - a
way of life
War, peace
and taxes
A history of
350 years
of peace
A few good men - Quakers
speak to the Gestapo

What does George Fox say?

This is a Quaker parody of the video by Ylvis (a Norwegian group) "What does the fox say?" The Quaker version was produced by Quakers mostly from Massachusetts, USA.

The photograph shows what the Quaker video calls "dudes in robes" in 1650s England.

Both the videos (on YouTube) try to answer good questions.

What does George Fox say?  (160,000 viewings in 2 years)
What does the fox say?  (the original: half a billion viewings in 2 years)