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Quaker Faith and Practice
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Welcome to Quakers (the Religious Society of Friends) in Hampshire and the Islands

Hampshire and Islands Area Quaker Meeting
Registered Charity No. 1186058 (E&W)

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Employers Liability certificate - Mainland - is here.

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Please see local meeting pages for information about the reopening of local meetings.

Website updated on 21 January 2022

What Quakers believe

Quaker values are traditionally called 'testimonies': read more on the Quakers in Britain website here.

Based on our values, the aims of Quakers are:
  • to live with truth and integrity
  • to promote justice, equality and community
  • to live with simplicity and work for sustainability
  • to work for peace
** NEW page on Sustainability here **

Quakers have no formal creeds.
"In the Religious Society of Friends we commit ourselves not to words but to a way."

Find out more about Quakers

Quaker faith & Practice (the "red book") is subtitled "The book of Christian discipline of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain". It is readable online here.

Quaker Quest aims to help you find out about the Quaker way of life. Details are here. Several local meetings have recently held Quaker Quest discussions.

Becoming Friends: Living and Learning with Quakers aims to support those who are new to Friends. Some local meetings are holding a series of discussions. Details of the programme are here including access to an online course.


▶  about Quakers and about peace
▶  and a special video for Quakers who are young (or young-at-heart)
For Hampshire & Islands young Quakers

▶  email

▶  or see your local Quaker meeting page
for national young Quakers click on the logo:  yqspace 


Forthcoming local events and local news are on the page for members and attenders here.

The quarterly national Quaker News magazine is on the Quakers in Britain website here.

Join in

Everyone is welcome to come to Quaker meetings. At every meeting for worship there will be leaflets available such as "Your first time at a Quaker meeting".

There is a straightforward process of applying for membership of the Society. The clerk or elders at any local meeting will be able to advise.